Camp UREC Animal Week Wrap-Up

Three Campers with Giraffe

By Keala Mason

Animal Week was July 15-19 at UREC!

Two of our campers from Camp UREC who return weekly have given their input about another amazing week! Zeke, age 10, and Vesakhone, age 8, have commented below:

What are your hobbies?
Z: I like playing music, I play the trumpet and I like coin collecting.
V: I like playing the piano, singing, and I like to play soccer because my dad taught me.

What is your favorite thing that we did at Camp for Animal Week?
Z: The Safari Park! Looking at new animals and learning about them was fun.
V: Animal Yoga because Nick (UREC Counselor) is awesome!

What did you like about the field trip to the Safari Park?
Z: Riding the tractor pulled wagon because we got to feed the animals.
V: Same, I loved feeding the animals.

What are your thoughts on Camp UREC’s variety of activities?
Z: I like that I am able to try my best because the first week of camp I could barely climb the rock wall, which we do every week. But this week is my fifth and I can get to the top!
V: Rock climbing and swimming are very fun every week.

What do you think about the Camp UREC counselors?
Z: Each are nice and really fun to hang out with. They are helpful when you need help!
V: They teach us how to play games and teach us about respect.

Finally, what are your goals?
Z: I would like to be a chemist when I grow up.
V: When I grow up I’ll be a doctor or a dentist!

Animal week was a success: animal relays, animal yoga, arts & crafts (bird feeder), animal treats, animal scavenger hunt and animal trivia were just a few of our week’s fun. Our culminating activity was a trip to the Safari Park, Virginia’s drive-thru zoo. It is home to 1,000 exotic animals from 6 continents! Check out pictures from our Safari adventure.

See all photos from Animal Week!

Learn more about Camp UREC and register your camper today!


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