Camp UREC Olympics Week Wrap-Up

Camp UREC Olympics - Track

By Keala Mason

Olympics Week was July 22-26 at UREC!

Cameron, age 10 and Alex, age 6 have frequented Camp UREC this summer season. Cameron has been a regular for a few years at camp and now his younger brother Alex is involved! We interviewed the boys separately, yet they had strikingly similar answers. Let’s find out more about Alex and Cameron:

What’s the best activity at Camp UREC?
Cameron: Meeting new people and going on the field trips!
Alex: Climbing the rock wall because it is so fun. Field trips I like too.

What has been your favorite field trip this season?
Cameron: Westover Pool because I hadn’t gone in a while.
Alex: Mostly to Safari Park and to Westover because they have a diving board.

Which UREC game has been your favorite this summer?
Cameron: Park Ranger. You think of your favorite animal and the Park Ranger calls out various characteristics. If your animal has that then you have to get from one side of the gym to the other without being tagged.
Alex: Park Ranger because you get to run!

This week was UREC Olympics Week: if you had to compete in an Olympic event (even if it is not currently one) what would it be?
Cameron: Ice Hockey.
Alex: The 100m sprint.

If you could choose a field trip where would you go?
Cameron: Water Park!
Alex: Probably the Water Park.

What skills have you learned at Camp UREC?
Cameron: I learned different games and how to play them.
Alex: New games, rock wall, made friends.

Big thank you to Alex & Cameron for their input!

See all photos from Olympics Week!

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