Camp UREC Movin’ and Groovin’ Week Wrap-Up

Two Campers Climb Rock Wall

By Keala Mason

We were Movin’ & Groovin’ all week at UREC July 8-12, 2013!

This week was jam-packed with activities to emphasize movement in a variety of ways. Campers created a groovy t-shirt with fringe and beads in arts and crafts, each developing their own style. We ventured to the Godwin Gymnastics Room where campers had time on the balance beam floor, bars, mats, and trampoline—even the ropes! Counselor Logan helped to lead this event since he is a part of the JMU Club Gymnastics team and Counselor Josh created a timed obstacle course in this space that the kids loved. Games at UREC in the Multi-Activity Center gym ranged from Park Ranger to Ships and Sailors to Elbow Tag and many other board games, card games, and activities.

Counselor Eileen taught and led two dances: one to Boom, Boom, Pow by the Black Eyed Peas and the other to Move America by Beyonce and the First Lady. We also ventured to Regal theater to see a choice movie: Popper’s Penguins or Chipwrecked, each with their own dancing animals, respectively. Counselor Nick put together Sports Trivia segment for the campers and had them divide into teams. Thursday we did water games in the courtyard, led by Counselor Megan which included a water balloon toss, obstacle course, and a water slide. Our Friday adventure was to Pump It Up—an inflatable play place and obstacle course, and then to Westover Pool for the afternoon to use the water slides, diving board, and pool place…as you can guess, we had a very active week!

The Gregory family enjoyed camp thoroughly this week and they have been coming to Camp UREC for a number of years—let’s find out what makes them keep coming back! Four of them were here this week: Anissa (8), Dylan (9), Garrett (10) and Colin (11) respond below:

  • How many brothers and sisters are in the Gregory family? Anissa & Dylan say together: “SEVEN!”
  • What do you all enjoy together as a family? Anissa: “We like our trampoline at home, love to travel and visit the lake.”
  • What do you like about Camp UREC? Anissa: “The counselor staff is nice and plans fun things.” Dylan: “Everyone at Camp UREC is well behaved”. Colin: “I like the MAC gym and all the games we play in there.” Garrett: “I like getting revenge on Keala with water balloons the most!” (in a goofy/fun way of course)
  • What do you learn from the counselor staff? Dylan: “Courtesy, niceness, politeness, and be healthy & stay fit!” Anissa: “Don’t just be a camper who sits around—always participate.”

Big thanks to the Gregory kids for their energy, fun and for their words!

See all photos from Movin’ & Groovin’ Week!

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